How It's Made: Anchor Pendant

At Black Matter, we love working closely with our customers to create unique jewellery that not only lasts a lifetime, but also leaves a legacy. With that in mind, we wanted to take you step-by-step through the intricate process of hand-crafting a recently created anchor pendant.

Benjamin was inspired to create this anchor by a traditional navy anchor. 

Latest Anchor

In this image, Benjamin is carving detail into the stock of the anchor.

Anchor 2

Next, he wraps gold around the stock to form the bands of the anchor.

Anchor 3

Here, Benjamin is preparing the arm of the anchor so that he can set the fluke in place.

Anchor 4

The final image is of him soldering the rope into place.

Anchor 5

And finally, the finished product...

The front:

Latest Anchor

The back:

Back of Anchor

What other Black Matter designs would you like to see a step-by-step process for? We would love to hear from you - leave your comments below!

Black Matter is the sister brand for award-winning jewellery company, Benjamin Black Goldsmiths. Fashion jewellery and accessories created with beautiful stones, precious metals and designer flare. 

Ethically hand made entirely in New Zealand, every piece is meticulously crafted to the highest standard of workmanship and design. Our team of master jewellers and designers work seamlessly to bring you seasonal collections that enlighten, inspire and articulate your style aesthetic.

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