Pyramid Inspired Jewellery

Historical structures have long been the source of inspiration for designers, artists and creatives.  

The Egyptian pyramids, which were mostly built as tombs for pharoahs and their consorts (a long, long, long time ago), have influenced fashion and jewellery designers throughout time. 

Fascinated by the sleek, clean lines of pyramids and the versatility of their form, we were inspired to create the Obelisk collection.

Rather than using the pyramid shape as a detail - which we see on many garments and fashion pieces - we wanted to make the pyramids a centrepiece in each design. 

Black Matter is the sister brand for award-winning jewellery company, Benjamin Black Goldsmiths. Fashion jewellery and accessories created with beautiful stones, precious metals and designer flare. 

Ethically hand made entirely in New Zealand, every piece is meticulously crafted to the highest standard of workmanship and design. Our team of master jewellers and designers work seamlessly to bring you seasonal collections that enlighten, inspire and articulate your style aesthetic.

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