Men's Cuff For Grayson Napier

Benjamin Clark

When young and talented Grayson Napier first came to the Benjamin Black workshop, to have his signet ring strengthened, I was immediately impressed.

Not only is he super stylish, he's also incredibly determined, focused and well on his way to achieving awesome things with his cycling career.

He's only 19, but he is already making waves in the cycling world, having recently signed a year long contract with Australia-based continental team Navitas Satalys.

We decided to support Grayson on his exciting journey and have begun creating a range of jewellery inspired by him.

Everything in this collection is inspired by Grayson, but is available for anyone to purchase. It's sleek, stylish and contemporary. Every piece is meticulously hand crafted with precious metals, with a touch of Grayson thrown in. 

So, here's a sneak preview of the first product in Grayson's collection...

Black Matter is the sister brand for award-winning jewellery company, Benjamin Black Goldsmiths. Fashion jewellery and accessories created with beautiful stones, precious metals and designer flare. 

Ethically hand made entirely in New Zealand, every piece is meticulously crafted to the highest standard of workmanship and design. Our team of master jewellers and designers work seamlessly to bring you seasonal collections that enlighten, inspire and articulate your style aesthetic.

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